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  • Welcome to Our Circle
    We are honored to have you as a guest and invite you to join our community. "Going Where: Ancient Wisdom for People Today" integrates the wisdom from the Native American Medicine Wheel, scientific research, as well as the principles of psychology and personal coaching to help you have a happy and rewarding life. The Native American Medicine Wheel is a healing tool that will help you to eliminate struggle as well as to meet life’s greatest challenges. The Going Where blog is a place where our readers can share their personal journey in a safe, supportive environment. Thank you for visiting and we hope you will return often.

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The Ground Rules

  • Feel free to differ with our perspectives and opinions, but always respect everyone’s beliefs. Our goal is to create a community where we can share our journey using the ancient and the scientific principles outlined in Going Where. Share your challenges as well as the joys and triumphs you experience. We will post all comments that support this goal. We will not approve posts however, that are offensive or inappropriate to our readers.
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    Going Where: Ancient Wisdom for People Today

    • By combining the ancient traditions of the Native American Medicine Wheel with the latest scientific research on Season of Birth, Going Where unlocks the secrets to having the life you have always dreamed about having. This approach is so simple a child can use it and yet so powerful, you can use it to face life’s most difficult challenges, including death and illness. If you’re searching for joy and happiness, Going Where is a bright shining beacon calling to you to live the life you truly deserve. Price: $16.95

    Going Where

    • What our readers are saying about the book, the blog, and other related topics.

    Kitchen Talk Podcasts

    • Join Marilyn at her kitchen table to learn more about how to apply the principles in Going Where in your life.

    Native American Wisdom

    • If you are Native American, we would like to extend a special invitation to share how the Medicine Wheel is use in your tribal tradition as well as how you use the Wheel in your personal life.

    Simple Joyful Challenges

    • Each week, we will look at how two simple words can create harmony or chaos in your life. Each post ends with a fun challenge that you can take to help you on your life’s journey.

    Take it to the Wheel

    • Posts from Bernice, Marilyn, and our readers about how the principles in Going Where have touched our lives. Send us your questions—we’ll do our best to support you in meeting the challenges that you face.